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Director of Brand Operations

As the Director of Operations, you are a confident leader who is experienced in wholesale, direct-to-consumer, and retail operations and has successfully led the growth and scale of an omni-channel consumer brand. You know how to generate significant impact through the strategic management of large-scale omni-channel distribution and order fulfillment locations, small-parcel freight optimization and third-party logistics partners. You have been in “the trenches” with founders and senior management and truly enjoy the challenge of the day-to-day. But, most importantly, you are a hands-on leader who inspires with confidence, knows how to motivate effectively, and can develop our Operations division to support the vision and strategic plan of the Company.


In this role, you will lead our Operations, including: information systems & technology, retail operations, planning & purchasing, warehousing, packaging, shipping and logistics. As the Director of Operations, you will work with leaders at each level of the organization and will be responsible for partnering cross-functionally to not only tackle issues as they arise, but to accelerate operational innovation to drive change and support the Company. You will develop a lean, data-driven operations team that lives and breathes efficiency and continuous improvement thru focus on operational metrics and goals. To that end, as the Director of Operations you will set performance targets and develop KPIs aligned with achieving the strategic initiatives and growth plan of the Company by facilitating a collaborative environment to meet operational goals at a divisional level that are consistent with the overall vision.  A key aspect of your position will be to oversee and lead the staffing plan and budgets as they relate to all aspects of Operations and to own the technology infrastructure. This position reports to the Company’s CFO.


Your Responsibilities:

Position Operations to lead the Company in optimizing its business model and achieving its long-term plans, including:

  • Lead the Company's omni-channel warehousing & fulfillment strategy, overseeing both eCommerce and wholesale distribution, as well as delivery via our shipping partners (and 3PL supplier in the short-term), constantly optimizing for efficiency and customer experience. This includes overseeing all aspects of logistics/warehouse’s operations, systems, process, layout, staffing, scheduling, receiving, inventory control (including all counts), fulfillment, safety, and security.
  • Own strategic planning of the technology & systems infrastructure by selecting, implementing and/or maintaining key technology systems aimed at optimizing the accuracy, productivity, efficiency and timeliness of the organization and setting us up to successfully scale in order to achieve the Company’s short-term and long-term initiatives.
  • Partner with key stakeholders on our planning & purchasing strategy, including the procurement and scheduling of goods while working to reduce costs, improve quality/service, and manage risk/liability while meeting departmental KPIs.
  • Leadgeographic expansion initiatives, finding fulfillment locations & facilities in new regions, performing network analyses, building new teams, and overseeing required buildouts.
  • Build and lead the retail operations team to support the Company’s retail team and store managers, including development of the Retail Manual, oversight of hiring, staffing & scheduling, inventory management & allocations, and new store buildouts (and project management).
  • Balance efficiency with focus on customer experience and make this a differentiated competitive advantage for the Company while meeting required P&L obligations, KPIs, and margin goals.


Provide leadership that inspires, educates, and motivates the entire Operations team:

  • Lead in a way that always connects the team to the larger Company mission and values, and that translates broader Company goals into clear and ambitious objectives for the team.
  • Drive new and innovative ways to keep team members engaged and inspired.
  • Build career paths for employees (specifically on the operations team) with the goal of providing career development opportunities and maximizing promotions from within; retain top talent; foster an inclusive and equitable workplace culture that reinforces our core values and recognizes strong performance.
  • Partner with the executive team to evolve performance management strategies and methods of building a results-driven culture, and to coach and support managers in consistently bringing these strategies to life.


Some of the Things You Will Do:

  • Work with executive team to establish scalable operations processes, strategies, and objectives.
  • Help define and rigorously measure operational metrics and KPIs; build a data-driven culture of high performance, accountability, efficiency, quality, and product / workplace safety across all departments.
  • Assess the strengths & weaknesses of current operations and determine a prioritized holistic plan and roadmap for the future by instilling, and championing for, continuous improvement and departmental structure (and creation of SOPs).
  • Anticipate and determine the resources needed to support and drive the Company's long-term plans and mitigate risk; partner cross-functionally to secure the required resources.
  • Manage product fulfillment and inventory; introduce collaborative systems, processes, procedures, standards, and key performance indicators to support financial, quality, and safety objectives.
  • Collaborate on purchasing activities to ensure accurate forecasting of needs including reliable re-order points, optimal turnover, strong vendor relationships, optimal pricing and on-time delivery.
  • Help build out vendor & raw material procurement network with Production and set up agreements with key suppliers to ensure supply chain consistency.
  • Ensure complete product fulfillment, which includes production planning and scheduling, management of staffing & labor (and safety), productivity, quality assurance, and shipping are on track for on-time customer deliveries.
  • Identify and manage potential risk items that may impede the delivery schedule; coordinate with internal teams to reduce or eliminate risk and relay such information to the sales team and other leadership team members in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ensure product quality standards are achieved; oversee QC on delivered goods and goods returned by customers.
  • Lead initiatives to reduce lead times and costs in each value stream.
  • Set a leadership tone as it relates to Company core values, support of the Company strategy, and Company initiatives around expense reduction and increased productivity.
  • Build a staffing plan, budget and strategy that increases the efficiency of employees that will drive the Company’s long-term plans, balancing automation with flexibility, across all aspects of the Company's operations.
  • Build a safe and healthy working environment with focus on individual and collective employee safety first, especially as it relates to COVID-19.
  • Partner in communicating management strategies and facilitate implementation at the operating level.
  • Help drive initiatives to optimize Margin (IMU, overall blended margin, retail contribution margin, etc.). 


Your Characteristics:

  • 10+ years’ experience in Operations with a strong systems background.
  • Problem solver who enjoys finding efficient and creative solutions.
  • Outstanding project management skills with the ability to plan and coordinate workflow.
  • Calm and steady in the face of difficult decisions and uncertainty.
  • Highly collaborative and self-motivated with strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to think strategically and act tactically; excellent quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Enjoy building and training high functioning teams and have a passion for making data-driven decisions.
  • Confident holding both employees and external vendors to high standards (terms, communication, quality, planning, accurate & on-time delivery, ability to scale, etc.).
  • A positive, optimistic, and flexible leader with demonstrated success leading diverse groups of people in a high growth, mission-driven environment across multiple facilities (HQ, warehouses, retail stores, remote offices, etc.).
  • Thrive in ambiguity; navigate the grey well while making sound decisions with a "roll up your sleeves and make things happen" attitude.
  • Able to produce high quality work efficiently, meeting deadlines, multitasking, and prioritizing numerous cross-functional projects.
  • Passionate about developing people; able to build relationships and navigate through cross-functional discussions to successful outcomes, relying on clear, direct, and empathetic communication.
  • Ability to identify issues prior to escalation, quickly problem solve, collaborate, and implement solutions.
  • Entrepreneurial and known for “rolling up your sleeves” to deliver creative & innovative solutions to business challenges.
  • Excellent managerial, organization, time management and leadership skills.
  • Overall, a kind person who instills confidence and leads by example.


Benefits & Perks:

  • Competitive salary + benefits.
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance.
  • 401k and employer match.
  • Paid time off (PTO).
  • Generous clothing discount.


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